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Kenny Chesney Tour 2015 Concert Tickets Are Still Available Right Here

This is one of country’s hottest stars at the moment. With the release of his latest CD entitled “In My Wildest Dreams” his popularity has been rising faster than anyone thought possible. There are still plenty of dates on the 2015 Kenny Chesney tour. If there is a show in your area, you shouldn’t wait before getting your tickets.

Here Are All The Dates That Are Still Left For His Concerts

This is a complete list of every show that is still on his schedule. Take your time when looking through the shows, you’re sure to find one that is within a reasonable distance of your home.

This Year’s Kenny Chesney Tour Is Blowing Up

If you’re interested to know just how many people are going to see this artist play live simply go take a look at billboards were charts. There’s no website out there that has more authority when it comes to how much income concerts have made then Billboard. If you look at the numbers for the start of this month you’ll see that Kenny Chesney is the highest earner in the world. During his current 2015 tour in the USA, he’s played more than 50 concerts. He still got many dates left to go, and it seems unlikely that any other musician is going to best him on the charts.

Looking at the pure raw numbers we can see that his concerts have brought in around $20 million. This number only takes into account the first 15 dates and felt that he played. Once they add in the other 35 dates that he’s performed at you’re going to see an extremely impressive number. He hasn’t even been touring that long, it was only in March of this year that he played his first shows.

These tickets are flying off the shelves, when his concerts were first announced he sold about 300,000 tickets in less than six weeks. If these numbers hold true he is going to join the million ticket club and have a seven figure season. Not only is this impressive for country, these are amazing numbers for an artist from any genre. Only other stars like Garth Brooks or other country legends with similar levels of fame can sell this many seats.

Kenny Is Used To This Kind Of Success By Now Though

So far over the course of Kenny Chesney’s career he’s been on 10 tours. On each and every one of these concerts he’s been able to break 1 million sales when the end numbers are all tallied up. Not only is he playing live shows nonstop, he also just put out his new CD that he has named “The Big Revival”. I guess he sees all this latest activity as a jumpstart to his long and storied career. He’s never satisfied even when he sells over 1 million tickets and millions of albums! He’s always trying to expand his audience and gain new listeners for his music. That’s quite a work ethic!

Who Else Will Be Coming Along With Kenny Chesney This Year?

There’s no doubt that he could play all the shows by himself and still sell out every venue, but Kenny enjoys bringing along other people to enhance the atmosphere of his shows. He actually finds touring a bit lonely without anyone to keep him company. He’s got no problem bringing in the crowds for arenas and other venues like that, but when he’s playing an event like a Stadium, he breaks out the heavy artillery. In 2015 you’ll see Kenny perform with another country legend master Jason Aldean.

The two of them together have been hitting Stadium after Stadium and show no signs of slowing down. If you want to see this show before it’s all over be sure to check our list of dates above and pick up some Kenny Chesney tickets as soon as possible!

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